modem-need help

modem-need help

Post by Leonard Nutle » Tue, 06 Jul 1999 04:00:00

modem type:
AOpen FM56-ITU/2
v.90 & K56flex


using minicom it takes a minute until I visually recieve the logon,
password, and ppp/slip choice.

2 minicom connect tries, slip and then ppp ....

-------select slip
tail minicom.log
"06:55:42 CONNECT 115200 <isp>, <phone-number>"

chose slip from isp logon

minicom screen - isp verify, address and MTU given

ok, ping Name servers #1-3  unreachable

--------select ppp
tail-f  minicom.log
"09:09:32 CONNECT 115200 <isp>, <phone-number>"

chose ppp from isp logon

minicom screen - isp verify, address and MTU given

tail -f minicom.log
"07:15:23  Gone offline (0:05:51)"

minicom screen - "NO CARRIER"

OK, trying a chatscript, cannot recieve CONNECT

/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/ttyS0 57600 debug connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v ''  ATZ
OK ATD<phone-number>  CONNECT '\d\c' "

tail-f /etc/log/ppp:
Jul  5 08:13:16 localhost pppd[896]: pppd 2.3.5 started by root, uid 0
Jul  5 08:13:17 localhost chat[897]: send (ATZ^M)
Jul  5 08:13:17 localhost chat[897]: expect (OK)
Jul  5 08:13:36 localhost chat[897]: ATZ^M^M
Jul  5 08:13:36 localhost chat[897]: OK
Jul  5 08:13:36 localhost chat[897]:  -- got it
Jul  5 08:13:36 localhost chat[897]: send (ATD*******^M)
Jul  5 08:13:36 localhost chat[897]: expect (CONNECT)
Jul  5 08:13:36 localhost chat[897]: ^M
Jul  5 08:14:21 localhost chat[897]: alarm
Jul  5 08:14:21 localhost pppd[896]: Connect script failed
Jul  5 08:14:21 localhost chat[897]: Failed
Jul  5 08:14:22 localhost pppd[896]: Exit.

another try, without "expect (CONNECT)":
/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/ttyS0 57600 debug connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v ''  ATZ
OK ATD******* "

tail -f /var/log/ppp:
Jul  5 08:20:49 localhost pppd[913]: pppd 2.3.5 started by root, uid 0
Jul  5 08:20:50 localhost chat[914]: send (ATZ^M)
Jul  5 08:20:50 localhost chat[914]: expect (OK)
Jul  5 08:21:09 localhost chat[914]: ATZ^M^M
Jul  5 08:21:09 localhost chat[914]: OK
Jul  5 08:21:09 localhost chat[914]:  -- got it
Jul  5 08:21:09 localhost chat[914]: send (ATD*******^M)
Jul  5 08:21:10 localhost pppd[913]: Serial connection established.
Jul  5 08:21:19 localhost pppd[913]: Using interface ppp0
Jul  5 08:21:19 localhost pppd[913]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyS0
Jul  5 08:21:19 localhost pppd[913]: sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 <magic
0xb63297bd> <pcomp> <accomp>]
Jul  5 08:21:47 localhost last message repeated 9 times
Jul  5 08:21:50 localhost pppd[913]: LCP: timeout sending
Jul  5 08:21:50 localhost pppd[913]: Connection terminated.
Jul  5 08:24:50 localhost pppd[913]: Exit.


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