Question about Linux ?

Question about Linux ?

Post by wulff » Tue, 11 May 1999 04:00:00

I have some ideas I want to play with on the internet.  I've been told
to use linux because it's free.  If I need to acces data via
apache.....What will be the database ?

Can I use ASP or  Perl or Both ?


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Hi there,

I have following questions to ask about my newly installed Linux.

1) How can I enable Telnet access for root under RedHat 5.1? (It's just my
intranet experimental system, so security is not a problem)

2) Sometimes, when I configure some configuration files in Linux (/etc/*), I
want to know exactly what it does and its command. How can I use "man" to
search it.

I had tried "man resolv.conf", "man network". The man program always said
that there are no those text here.

Please kindly reply me via email.


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