Newbie Kernel Upgrade Question

Newbie Kernel Upgrade Question

Post by Jack » Sat, 10 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Here's what may be a silly question:

To upgrade my kernel from v1.3.20 to v1.3.60, do Ijust need the 1.3.60
patch or do I need all the patches between v1.3.20 and v1.3.60?

Is there anything else I need for this operation to be successful?  I
hear I need a new ps and top, is this true?  Do I need anything else?

I am particularly interested in VFat as I also use Windoze95.


        So long and thanks for all the fish ...

                  -= Jacko =-


1. Newbie Kernel Upgrade Question

I have RH Linux 6.2 installed, with the 2.2.14-1 kernel I believe (whatever
came in the CD-ROM). I understand that 2.2.16-3 is the latest (or closest
to). I would like to upgrade but don't know if I can do it all at once
(i.e. 2.2.14-1 ---> 2.2.16-3) or if I must do it incrementally (i.e.
2.2.14-1 ---> later 2.2.14-X versions ---> earlier 2.2.16-X versions --->

I excluded 2.2.15 from the above sequence because I believe 2.2.<odd #>
are development versions - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thx in advance for your advice !!!

Justo M. Casablanca

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