'double' or 'dbl' or 'dble', the disk space utilty

'double' or 'dbl' or 'dble', the disk space utilty

Post by ju.. » Mon, 22 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi, folks!

I am trying to use 'double', the Linux disk access compression utility.

And I can not get the kernel patches to compile.

Is anyone using 'double' today?  Does it really work?

Thank you!


1. sed -e 's/\'a\'/\';\'/' ?


my question is, how can I mask the single
quotation mark in my file for sed

I have a lot of SQL-Loader files of this kind:

cat t55.ctl
load data
infile 't55'
into table A_220_T55
fields terminated by ';' TRAILING NULLCOLS
(AAA_000_KEY    char ,
B_220_BBB_LFD_NR char ,
AAA_220_BBB     char )

there is given a delimiter ';'

The delimiter should be changed to a.

#set -x
for file in t*.ctl
sed -e 's/;/a/' $file >$file.new
mv $file.new $file

That's ok.

Now the delimiter should be rechanged from a to ;.
I'd tried

sed -e 's/\'a\'/\';\'/' $file >$file.new

It doesn't work.

How to mask the single quotation mark inside the sed command?



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