Strange Modem/Minicom Problem - Any Ideas!!

Strange Modem/Minicom Problem - Any Ideas!!

Post by james w. beaucham » Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Since the problem of the day seems to be modems, here's mine:

I have just installed RH 5.2 on a spare P100 w/32 meg RAM and two hard
drives.  I am playing with Linux to try and get it working as a mail server.
My problem is with Minicom and my old Intel 14.4 external modem.  When I go
into Minicom and try to dial, initialize, etc. nothing appears to happen.
And here is where it gets weird, when I exit Minicom the screen hangs for a
minute and then the modem begins to try and dial. i.e. goes OH, HS, and you
hear the modem take the line.
I have also tried this with a Best Data Smart One 28.8 external modem and it
does the same thing, so it's not the modem.  I have used setserial to set
the irq to an available one (via cat /proc/interrupts).

What is going on?  Any ideas?  What might I be doing wrong?



1. Strange modem problem (not the usual) : ANY ideas welcome


I have a strange problem with my Supra 288i SP modem under Linux. I
recently had to re-install my modem which screwed up all my original
settings (com2 etc).

After I managed to get back to work under Win95 (COM2, IRQ 3), it
wouldn't work under Linux. In Minicom, if I type AT commands, it dosen't
even show up on the terminal. I think Minicom tries to talk to the modem
because it starts displaying some of the modems parameters (L1, X4 etc)

In Seyon, I can get it to dial manually, (i.e I hear it dialling), but
it dosen't return any messages after it has finished dialling.

I tried pppd but I always got (in /var/adm/messges) an "Alarm" message
after the script issues a +++.

I have the following set-up:
BIOS: Manual configuration: Serial Port 1: COM1 3F8 IRQ4
                            Serial Port 2: COM4 2E8 IRQ3
Under Win95: Modem        :COM2 02F8-02FF IRQ3
Under Linux 2.0 (Slackware):
/dev/modem -> /dev/cua0
setserial -a /dev/modem : UART 16550A 115200 etc...
I have isapnp and have configured my modem to use IRQ4 and 3F8
I have manually set up COM1 to the same parameters as Serial Port 1: BUT
I don't know why it configures /dev/cua1 too and gives it the same
address and interrupt !??? I don't have any thing in my scripts
(rc.serial, rc.local, rc.S, rc.modules) that configures /dev/cua1

(output from rc.serial:
cua0 16550A 3F8 IRQ4
cua1 16550A 3F8 IRQ4  )

I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!


PS: everything worked before I reinstalled my modem and it was not in
COM2 anymore.

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