Ethernet setup on Pentium 90MHz

Ethernet setup on Pentium 90MHz

Post by Ilan Fin » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00


I'm trying to install a net of 5 pentiums (90Mhz) using ethernet cards of
3Com (ISA 3c509B and PCI 3c590), but I can't get linux to recognaize the cards.

For the PCI card I usally get an unknown device message so I guess for some
reason the boot disk doesn't know it (I have a new net boot disk I got today
from the net).

The stanger problem is with the ISA cards:

When connecting the card to a 486 computer and booting using the boot disk
the card is recognaized but when the same card is connected to the pentium
I get the following messages after the PPP and Slip part in the booting :

eth0: ewrk3_prob(): detected device already registered at 0x2e0
eth0: ewrk3_prob(): detected device already registered at 0x3c0
eth0: D-link DE-600 pocket adapter not at I/O 0x378
D-Link DE-620 pocket adapter not identified in the printer port.

I've tryed recompiling the kernel inabeling the 3Com cards and 3c509 options
in the configuration but then those messages disappears (but the card is still
not recognaized).

I'm installing with Infomagic March CDs (kernel 1.2.1) but I compiled and
installed a 1.2.9 kernel and used a new net boot disk.

I'm sorry for the long description but after reading all the HOWTOs I can
think of (Ethernet,Network, Network administrator guid etc...) I don't know
what to try more.

If you know what I can try more please let my know,

Thanks in advance,

Ilan Finci


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I'm in a market of buying a Pentium 90Mhz machine and Linux would be
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(Well, it's my boss's money... 8^)).

Below would be my proposed configuration:

Pentium 90Mhz CPU
256K cache
PCI SCSI controller
17" color monitor (1280x1024)
PCI Graphics
Double speed CD ROM drive

My questions would be:

1. What's the best graphics card so that I can run X-Windows (Xfree86?)
   under Linux? I know that Diamond's cards are fast, but they are buggy
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2. What sort of SCSI 2 controller of supported by Linux? I suspect
   those made by Adaptec would be O.K.??? Same question for CD ROM.

3. What would be a reliable vendor? I'm thinking of DELL or Micron.

4. Which distribution of Linux should I get? I'm thinking of buying a
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