If you are having problems running netscape....

If you are having problems running netscape....

Post by jim » Thu, 03 Apr 1997 04:00:00


<BR>?I have been having terrible problems running netscape w/ bus crashes and
EMT traps under&nbsp;
<BR>Red Hat Linux 4.1.&nbsp; However, there is a fix on the web for most of
this stuff.&nbsp; Look at
<BR><A HREF="http://members.ping.at/theofilu/netscape.html">http://members.ping.at/theofilu/netscape.html</A>
<BR>Someone from www.linux.org might want to mirror this site.



1. Am I the only one having trouble with Netscape???

I'm running RedHat 5.2 with developmental kernels,
currently 2.1.130 because I have dual processors, PnP,
need access to NTFS partitions, etc.  But Netscape 4.5
is crashing so often that I am reminded of Windows 3.0,
heavens forbid.  Am I the only one with these experiences??
I do a lot of email/web related work with other mathematicians/
scientists all around the world, so the email/browser
part of the os is important.  In the background, I have serious
computations going on, but it is the routine web related stuff
in the foreground that is driving me nuts.  Is there an
alternative to Netscape for Linux?  I need a bulletproof
email/browser combination and Netscape doesn't seem
to be the answer.
Thanks for any pointers. Tom T.

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