tar hang at 1.3.94

tar hang at 1.3.94

Post by lew blat » Sat, 25 May 1996 04:00:00

i am running Slakware 2.3 and a kernel of 1.3.94.  

when i incluie elf bin support in the kernel, tar to my QIC-80 hangs up
on me.  remove elf bin support and tar works fine.  i fail to see the
connection.  can someone explain the hang ?

thanks ,lew


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I have been working on installing libc 5.3.9.  After writing a small test
program I discovered that POSIX_VERSION returns 199309 which means that this
library is POSIX.4 complient.  So I wrote another test program to check the
kernel, this program uses the sysconf call to tell about the operation systems
options.  It (as expected) returned 199009 meaning the the kernel only speaks
POSIX.1.  I recompiled the kernel with the new libraries and it still returns
POSIX.1 complience.  

How do I tell the kernel the recompile and use the pthreads in the new libc?

Also, after the compile one of my modules now generates a BUNCH of missing
symbol errors, and after recompiling it with the new kernel and libc it still
cannot find the symbols.  Ideas?

Applied Technologies Inc.
Boulder Colorado.

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