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Has anyone encountered difficulties compiling PGP on Linux?  On my system
(Redhat 4.0 (kernel 2.0.18)), all of the supporting files compile
properly.  On the last step, where all of the standalone files are made
into the executable, I receive many strange errors (I'll post a portion if
someone desires), indicating missing definitions.

Am I missing something?  I've been trying to find an answer for the past 3
days.  Thanks in advance...



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I have pgp 6.5.8 installed on my linux machine (Mandrake 8 / KDE desktop).
PGP works fine, and kmail works fine but not together.

PGP is installed in /bin/pgp-6.5.8 in my home directory, which is in my
path - pgp can be run from the command line with not problems.

I can't get kmail to interface with pgp at all, as far as I can tell, it
can't acccess any pgp functions.

Any suggestions for further tests to aid diagnosis, or possible solutions
would be gratefully recieved.

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