I have a BIG, BIG,BIG problem with DOSEMU 0.98.5.

I have a BIG, BIG,BIG problem with DOSEMU 0.98.5.

Post by Jarno Kestelo » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00


Please can some one help me with this:

I have Red Hat 5.2, kernel 2.0.36, dosemu 0.98.5.
When i start DOSEMU then the config.sys and autoexec.bat will not load into
the computer his memory in DOSEMU.
I have placed the config.sys and the autoexec.bat on c:\
I have set the var. $_emusys = "sys" and $_emubat = "bat" into the

But it will not work, can some one help me, what do i wrong?

Greatings Jarno


1. Big Big Big CORE Image !!

We have SCO Openserver 5.0.0b on a Corollary CBUS machine with 4 PENTIUM
166 Mhz processors, 64 MB RAM, a RAID with 6 - 4GB Disks and a 3com 3c905
Fast Ethernet card.

After the problem of "WARNING : ip: spinning on PCB Fxxxxxx" that has been
solved thanks to FCO.DIAZ and Jean-Pierre Radley, now we are experiencing a
strange but serious problem.

On this machine we have installed a copy of Conetic C-BASE database rel 3.7
that act as our main database and we are using standard telnet and Xterm
session to connect.

When one of our clients disconnect from the machine without "logout" or
"^D" a big big CORE image ( about 200 MB ) is generated under the directory
where the application is installed, then the machine begin swapping and
paging when this happens and all the users are logged out.

What I checked is that this big big core only happens when the C-BASE menu
command has been in execution on the client session that disconnect.

The menu process then remain PPID 1 and the CORE is generated.

Can anyone please help me ??

I know that there is a core parameters on System V that allow to specify
the soft and hard limit of a core dump file that a process can create (
SCORLIM & HCORLIM ) but I cannot find any spec on Openserver 5.0.

Thank You in advance.

Paolo Palmisano

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