Moving space from SWAP part' to /?

Moving space from SWAP part' to /?

Post by LRW » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 09:50:01

I have a machine with the following partitions:
PRIMARY=DOS (for windows)

Right now my Swap partition is 250MB, but I have yet to see more than
5% of it used. So, I'd like to move some of that wasted space, say,
150MB over to the main Linux Partition.

I have Partition Magic 6, and a trial run w/o activating changes seems
to work. At least it's showing I can shorten the SWAP and then
lengthen the Linux to take up the slack.

Before I do it for real, I wanted to get any opinions on if this is
workable or a bad idea.



1. Adding swap space using 'swap -a' command ?


I am using SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 on a compaq prolian 4500 server. The
initial swap space setup is too small. I want to increase the swap

I first create a directory say '/hotswap' and inside the hotswap
directory, I created a empty file called 'swapfile2'. I then make the
file swapfile2 act as a swap space
using :
              swap -a /hotswap/swapfile2 65536

When I used 'swap -l' to list the current swap space, it appears to have
added to the system. But when I check the system disk space, it appear
to be the same as before the swap file is added to the system.

path                                        swaplo    block        free
/dev/swap                  1,41            0        196668      186790
/hotswap/swapfile2     76,1            0        65536        65536

Can someone tell if I done it correctly?  If not, how should I do it ?

Thank in advance

Eric Chin

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