Upgrading 1.0.9 to a newer version

Upgrading 1.0.9 to a newer version

Post by Syntec Syste » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm running Minilinux 1.0.9 and would like to upgrade to a newer
version.  I've tried all the different root/boot disks for
Slackwear and it either halts at boot with a filesystem panic
error or says it can't find files during the setup.  I got a bit
furthur with RedHat but when it gets to the part where it wants
RedHat diskettes, all of the archives that I downloaded from their
site and put onto a disk report "this is not a RedHat Diskette"

All I want is to upgrade the Kernel, get the Make program, PPP
and the online MANual.  What is the easiest way for me to do this?
If you could be kind enough to point out the specific locations,
files and command that I will need to make it as easy as possible
I would really appreciate it.

The system I'm trying to upgrade is an AST Ascentia 900N Notebook.
I already have a Linux partition and a Linux Swap Partition and would
prefer to keep my MSDOS partition in tact but thats not manditory.

Thanks. I'll owe you one for helping!