"can't open initial console" help!!!

"can't open initial console" help!!!

Post by ruud » Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I'm in the proces of get linux running on my ps/2 model 90 xp. It's a
system with a 486 25Mhz procesor 24Mb memory (stupitly the bios will
only work with 16MB) a scsi cdrom, 150MB scsi drive 2 GB scsi drive. I
have a cdrom  with linux (redhat). The trouble is to get the thing
booting. I have a bootdisk but it wont reconnize my scsi. The i made a
boot disk from the redhet5 image from the mca-linux site. This wil boot
and see the scsi devices but then it asks for a root disk. I made a root

disk from the supp.img from my cdrom. It seem's to go well  but at the
end it says " unable to open initial console" . I wonder wat i do wrong,

can anyone help me in the right direction.


1. Serial console and "unable to open an initial console"

Running RedHad 6.1, I tried to follow the instrucitons in
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt to create a serial console.

I get a bunch of "boot-type" messages (hardware addresses, IRQs, etc.) on
ttyS0, then it gets to "Freeing unused kernel memory" and complains "Warning:
unable to open an initial console".  initd then proceeds to write all its
messages to the VGA display.

ls -l /dev/console shows crw--w--w- 1 root root 5,0 and ls -l /dev/ttyS0
shows crw--w--w- 1 root tty 4,64

I think I rebuilt the kernel with CONFIG_CONSOLE_SERIAL=y (and that appears
in /usr/src/linux/configs/kernel-2.2.12-i686.config) and did the other things
the doc called for, and clearly it's partly working, but I must have
overlooked something.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Edwards

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