Linux Newbie Q-LILO boot from FDD states "Error 0x10"-HELP!

Linux Newbie Q-LILO boot from FDD states "Error 0x10"-HELP!

Post by Marc W. Rickabaug » Fri, 23 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I installed Red Hat 5.2 without a hitch(?-none I am aware of)
My system is hda1 - WinNT 4 NTFS part. 3Gig
                       hda5 - / part. 1Gig
                       and the swap part.

Upon initial boot using the LILO floppy, "Loading Linux" failed and stated
"Error 0x10"

Pls. HELP!

Marc Rickabaugh


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I'm having some difficulty creating a customized firewall
configuration that uses both address translation and stateful
inspection.  Here's what I'm trying to do:

 1. protect against IP spoofing, both in- and outbound

 2. allow inbound SMTP, FTP, HTTP, and DNS traffic to various hosts
    behind the firewall, statefully (and using NAT)

 3. filter outbound traffic (e.g. only HTTP, FTP, DNS, NTP, RealAudio,
    etc.), statefully, hiding behind the Firewall's external IP.

 4. filter IPSEC-encapsulated traffic

Thanks to /etc/rc.firewall, I've got rules for #1 (admittedly, proper
placement around "divert" and "check-state" rules is going to be an
issue), but the others elude me, especially since the available
documentation (the Handbook, the FAQ, the manual pages, FreeBSD
problem reports, the default firewall rule base in /etc/rc.firewall,
and the contents of /usr/share/examples) is pretty short on examples
of advanced usage.

If someone could point me to alternate resources, especially advanced
IPFW and NATD configurations, I would be very grateful.  I would also
be glad to share my firewall configuration in order to learn these
more advanced techniques.

Kind regards,

"We know for certain only when we know little.  With knowlege, doubt
increases." - Goethe

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