Installation errors

Installation errors

Post by Yetunde F. Kosok » Mon, 18 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Are there any problems with installing linux on a hard drive with more
that 16 heads? I have a Western Digital 850MB drive currently running
Win95 set to 32 heads, 827 cylinders, and 63 sectors. I am trying to
setup RedHat 2.1 via CD on my system and everything seems to go fine in
the text based installation until it's time to install the packages onto
the Linux partition. I get numerous "Segmentation Fault" errors and
"Installation of ~.rpm failed" errors. After setup finishes with the
packages it tries to copy the kernel from the bootdisk and I get more
errors all exiting with code 255:

               Error copying Kernel:

                   rdev /mnt/vmlinuz /dev/hda2
                   rdev -v /mnt/vmlinuz -1
                   rdev -R /mnt/vmlinuz 1
                   rdev -r /mnt/vmlinuz 0

I've tried the X-based installation and setup either exits with an error
asking if I want to
reconfigure or it seems to detect everything but then when it's supposed
to start X, I get a
blank blue screen with an x-shaped mouse pointer and no button to push
to continue installation.
I don't have any Redhat documentation so I don't know how to fix these
errors so that I may
properly install Linux.

My system:

AMD 486DX4/100
850MB Western Digital Caviar (500MB-DOS/Win95, 300-Linux, and 8MB swap)
S3 Trio64 graphics card
generic multisync monitor (Proton is the manufacturer)

I'm using the boot0000.img

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

P.S.  Why don't the links in the HTML files on the CD work? When I click
a link it Says Netscape
cannot find the file so I have to open it by clicking open in the File
menu. One more thing- what
are the clocks for an S3 video card?

Thanks in advance,



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