Multimonitor w/ fixed-frequency monitor.

Multimonitor w/ fixed-frequency monitor.

Post by Michael Ho » Sun, 24 Sep 2000 10:43:54

I'm just starting w/Linux, and I've got a project here that I'm
working on to get me going. I'm running into a few snags, though,
and I'm looking for some help.

I've been trying to set up multimonitor functionality on my Linux machine
with a normal old 640x480 VGA monitor and a bigger-than-Jesus RasterOps
fixed-frequency grayscale monitor.

I've got some decent specs for that second monitor here:

I've read all the HOWTOs I can find about it, as well, and I'm still
running into difficulties. Specifically, I can't get my XF86Config file to
recognize the second video card.

The one I'm using for the VGA is a Trident 9660 PCI card, and I've got an
ATI Rage Pro behind the fixed-frequency beast.

Are there any suggestions out there, any more references I could read?

And, god help me, how can I get X to pipe its error messages to a file?

Mike Hoye


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