Warning: Invalid flag 0000 - Help

Warning: Invalid flag 0000 - Help

Post by odonn.. » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am having to reinstall everything as a result of a largely self-inflicted
disaster; I thought before I started that this would at least mean that I
would remember the problems as I encountered them, though I might have
forgotten the solutions - I'm an optimist.
When I set up Slackware I am getting repetitive warnings that I have an
invalid flag 0000 on some partition, which is fixable by write. I usually
get a segmentation fault when loading the devs section of the A series. Setup
otherwise completes and looks OK. _Except_ I always get a segmentation fault
from as86.
I don't even know if the two problems are connected; I do know that I didn't
have either of them in any previous installation.
I have formatted my HD (2GB) from scratch, partitioned it with w95/dos7 fdisk,
set my Linux partition with Linux fdisk 2.1, played about with Partition Magic
V2, and repeated and embroidered on most of it.
I have installed Slackware from CD and HD.
I have compiled as86, used the original CD version and downloaded and untarred
another binutils.
Total effect is I still have the problems.
Any suggestions gratefully received, preferably by email to

or the above address, as my news connection seems to miss a lot.
Brian O'Donnell


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