Installing RealProducer Plus 6.0 in Red Hat Linux 6.0

Installing RealProducer Plus 6.0 in Red Hat Linux 6.0

Post by Shark » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I recently encountered a great deal of frustration trying to set up
RealProducer 6.0 on my Linux box.  While seeking help on line, I found
many answers and also discovered that many others have had similar
difficulties.  In an effort to minimize wheel-reinventing (which I
myself may have done), I am posting the knowledge I gained from the
horrible experience.  Hopefully, Deja and other USENET search sites will
grab onto this information and make it available to all who seek it.

The original version of these notes -- which may have been updated by
the time you read this -- is at


Installing RealProducer Plus 6.0 in Red Hat Linux 6.0

To install, configure, and run RealProducer Plus 6.0 on a Red Hat Linux
machine, you must follow a complicated though managable process. These
instructions may be obsoleted by newer versions of RealProducer for
Please send feedback if you discover anything interesting.

  1. First of all, make sure you have the two distribution tarballs: the
     original program and the patch.

        o rprodg2_linux.tgz (program distribution)
        o rprodg2_patch.tgz (patch)

     If you don't have these files, you cannot continue. Obtain them
     the RealNetworks web site. You can download the patch from

     I'm not sure where to find the other file (please tell me if you

     These instructions will assume you have both files and that you
     placed them in root's home directory (typically /root).

  2. Now, log into your system as root:

  3. Unpack the file rprodg2_linux.tgz into a temporary directory:

          mkdir /tmp/rprod
          cd /tmp/rprod
          tar xzvf ~/rprodg2_linux.tgz

  4. From the temporary directory, run the installer:


  5. Follow the instructions from the installer. Accept all of the

  6. After the installer has finished, believe it or not, the
application is
     still not ready to run. You'll need to patch it. Patching is a two
     process. (For more information on patching RealProducer for Red Hat
     Linux 6.0, see

  7. For the first phase of the patch, unzip the patch tarball into the
     directory where you installed RealProducer.

          cd /usr/local/rprod
          tar xzvf ~/rprodg2_patch.tgz

  8. For the second phase of the patch, run the patch program that was
     deposited into RealProducer's bin directory:

          cd bin

  9. Now, if you want to run RealProducer as a non-root user (and you
     should), then you need to make a few more changes to your system.

     Start by creating a new group of authorized RealProducer users

          groupadd rprod

 10. Next, give group write permission to the RealProducer run-time
     "lib/" (after making a copy file of the file you are
     to compromise):

          cd /usr/local/rprod/lib
          chgrp rprod
          chmod g+w

     I have not figured out why this file needs to be writable by the
     but I suspect is has something to do with limiting the number of
     simultaneously executable copies (when you are running the free

 11. Lastly, add the users authorized to run RealProducer to the new

 12. And that should be it. Log out and back in as a new user and give
it a


     (Don't forget to load your sound and video drivers first.)

Happy producing!

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