Prob. Upgrad to 1.2.8, Motif 2.0

Prob. Upgrad to 1.2.8, Motif 2.0

Post by Erik Sincof » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have just spent the past few days moving my Linux system from
1.2.1 to the elf version of 1.2.8.  I have installed (as best
as I could follow the release.* files) libc-5.0.9, libc-4.7.2,
gcc-2.7.0, binutils-2.5.2l.17, and libg++-  I also
have a copy of Motif 2.0 from InfoMagic (Moo-Tiff.)  Aside from
some minor growing pains, I have been able to get this upgraded
system to perform properly.  However, I have come upon a problem
that I cannot isolate.  I don't know whether the problem is
in the upgraded libs, etc. or in the compilation of Motif that
I have.  

I came across this while trying to compile a net application.  It
would compile fine (in a.out mode) and start up ok, however if
I tried to spawn a file selector box through the application, it
would seg fault.

I created a small Motif application that just created a file selector
box and got the same result.  It crashes in the Motif code based
upon the following call (all parameters are checked and valid):

 Widget fileSel = XmCreateFileSelectionDialog(parent, "file_sel",
                  NULL, 0);

gdb reports that it seg faults here:

 _XmOSGetDirEntries ()

Does anyone have any idea of what the problem is here?  Or perhaps,
another newsgroup that I might post this question to, or someone
else I should ask?  Has anyone else had a similar problem?


Erik Sincoff                   Teknowledge Corporation


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I recently purchased Linux Slackware 3 and SWiM Motif 2.0.
I have a problem when trying to compile G++ or GCC files that
contain calls to Motif header files. Occasionally the compiler
returns 'fatal internal compiler error 11' but mostly the
computer just resets.

I am using Kernel 1.2.13 with GCC 2.7.0.

I'm not very familiar with Linux, or GCC for that matter.
I have tried several different installations but so far to no
avail. SWiM uses ELF5 but I'm not sure what libraries are
being used by G++; could this be a problem? I am also using
a Pentium computer with a FP bug; can this cause problems?

I'd appreciate any help as I'm hoping to stay in bed to do my
college work next term!

Cheers Avian.


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