Installation problems with Adaptec 1542 resolved

Installation problems with Adaptec 1542 resolved

Post by Roy Cha » Tue, 05 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I had trouble installing Yggdrasil Linux (Fall 1995) with Adaptec's 1542CF SCSI

My configuration is AHA1542CF adapter,  1.2GB FUjitsu SCSI hard drive, 2X
Toshiba SCSI CDROM, Wangtek SCSI tape, floppy drive controlled by AHA1542.

Trying to install from floppy to hard drive, Linux continually got SCSI
timeouts and would not recognize AHA1542 although DOS/WINDOWS and SCO Unix
run just fine on this machine.

Yggdrasil install manual suggests that this is incorrect settings on CDROM.

Disconnect all SCSI devices from adapter and Linux recognized the AHA1542.
Problem turned out to be a jumper setting on the hard drive. "Syncronous mode
data transfer request" was enabled. The drive documentation stated that this
should be disabled for a PC but DOS/SCO didn't seem to care.

Maybe this will help some of you who are having similar troubles.