zImage won't boot

zImage won't boot

Post by Richard Brow » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I did use dd rather than cp to make my non-functional boot disk.  
This did work if I used the original vmlinuz, but failed when I
used the newly compiled and "rdev-ed" zImage.  

Someone suggested that I use "make zdisk" which almost worked.
The zImage created by this command does boot, but when I logged
in, I got an error and a core dump.  

After that I am not sure if it works entirely well, since I haven't had
time to work on it.


1. zImage won't boot

I finally decided to rebuild my kernel to eliminate the unnecessary drivers.
I followed the instrundtions in "Running Linux" and everything went smoothly.
The zImage form my (minimal) setup came out at 220 kB.  It works pretty well,
except that syslogd complains about an "unknown protocol" and suspends its-
self.  I am not pleased about this, but I am not really to upset, since it
still works.  I beleive this is due to my having removed the networking
from the kernel.  Any comments on this will be appreciated.

My real concern is that when the zImage is copied to floppy, it does not
make a bootable floppy.  The machine reads a little off of the floppy, and
locks up.  It doesn't complain about "non-bootable" floppy or anything.
I did "rdev" the zImage to set the proper root device.  I used both an
MSDOS formatted, and an "fdformat" -ed floppy.  

I also tried all the same things using the original vmlinuz, and they
booted perfectly.  Both the zImage, and vmlinuz work nicely from
loadlin.  I don't use LILO, so I can't give any info for this.

Is vmlinuz a different kernel than zImage, made to be bootable?  If so,
how can I make vmlinuz.  I tried "make vmlinuz" but the compiler didn't
like my request, and said something like "can't make vmlinuz."  I also
don't know if I am supposed to do something with the zImage after it
is made.  The book had no further  instructions.

Thanks in advance for your help, everyone.

The pertenent details are:

Slackware 2.1 (copied from cdrom)  
kernel 1.1.59
AMD 386-40 no FPU
AMI BIOS 1993 (Sept?)
2 RLL drives (remember them?)
1.44 MB floppy
CGA monitor (don't laugh - it works!)

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