RedHat 4.0/Metro-X startup problem

RedHat 4.0/Metro-X startup problem

Post by Edward R.M. Szkla » Mon, 18 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hit there:

I'm experiencing a problem with Metro-X under Redhat 4.0. When I try to
run Metro-X I crash with the following error message:

        Logging errors to file var/log/Xerrors
        The X server has received a Fatal Error
        TRANS(SocketUNIXConnect) () can't connect: errno=111
        giving up
        xinit: Connection refused (errno111): unable to connect to X server
        xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error

Examination of the /var/log/Xerrors file:

        Error opening pointer device /dev/ttyS0
        Fatal server error
        failed to initialize core device

It seems that Metro-X is crashing by not initializing my Microsoft
serial mouse. I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing this
problem as well. Using configX I can enter the graphical utility mode
and have configured Metro-X to use my Microsoft 2-button serial mouse,
Microsoft keyboard, Trident 8900C video card and my generic 13" SVGA

Any help of this would be greatly appreciated. I'm fairly new to Linux
but I'm finding this OS to be really interesting - much more so than
Windows NT and OS/2 Warp (which I'm also running on my box).

Thanks again,

Edward R.M. Szklar