Sound card configuration with REDHAT

Sound card configuration with REDHAT

Post by C.Miche » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00


    I am a newby, not so new because I now am able to recompile the Kernel
(currently 2.0.34) with a REDHAT 5.1 distribution.

    I need a working sound card, My card is a soundblaster pro compatible
(expertcolor MED3700) using 220h, i5 d1 330h i5 extremely classical
configuration (the one given by WINDOWS system information)

    My system is an AMD 233, shuttle TX motherboard with 92MO SDRAM and an
extremely classical 6.4GO multipartitionned hard disk (/dev/hda2 for linux
and /dev/hda3 for swap)

    Kernel compilation works extremely classically, giving a brand new
zImage that I copied into /boot with vmlinuz name, until here, everything is

    I have given a new entry to /etc/lilo.conf for the old kernel you all
know how to do that, we all know how to do that...........

    So why the * the sound card doesn't work with Linux  while it screams
under Windows ???????


    Anyone got a (verbose) clue????

    Christophe MICHEL


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Thank You all in advance..

Stephen G. Smith

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