Remote printer problems using bsdlpd

Remote printer problems using bsdlpd

Post by Andrew Huntwor » Thu, 19 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to print over a network to a remote printer.  I am using
bsdlpd which came with the latest slackware distribution.  I have a
local printer working to a certain extent already.  By that I mean that
I can print text through it.  The printcap file I am using is included
below.  When I try to enable the remote printer by typing "up brlw1" in
lpc, I get the message "unknown printer brlw1"  I have created a queue
directory for it in the place specified in printcap.  I have also tried
using the same printcap without the colons at the beginning of every
line.  The machine name and printer name are correct.  I have heard that
bsdlpd requires a device called lp to operate, so I made a soft link to
/dev/null called lp.  I have of course killed and restarted bsdlpd every
time I made a change.  I am using kernel version 2.0.33 with all the
important other stuff like gcc from the newest slackware distribution.
If anyone has an idea about how I can fix this, please email me at





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