Kppp connect to ISP erratic.

Kppp connect to ISP erratic.

Post by Gilbert Groeh » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I installed Caldera Open-Linux 2.2 and everything was
up and running great within two hours.    Previously tried
SuSE 6.1 over a ten day period and never could get it
configured properly.

I have one remaining problem in my current install;

Kppp dials out fine every time and conncts to my ISP

Quote:><   but the authentication process always

fails on the first try.   I place a second call and everything is
fine on the second call.   I don't think this is a fluke because
this pattern occurred every time on a total of about twelve calls.

I did a  tail /var/log/messages  after being connected and
the only thing that looks suspicious is the following;

pppd [1147] remote message
modprobe cant locate module ppp-compress-21
"        "        "            "        "
"        "                    "            "                    "

This was in the connected state.

The modem always connects as follows:

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Gil Groehn


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