WWW server cgi facility not working (HELP)

WWW server cgi facility not working (HELP)

Post by Mayeux Glenn » Mon, 31 Jul 1995 04:00:00

HELP with WWW CERN or  NCSA cgi functionality.

I installed boths WWW servers the one from CERN and the NCSA.

Neither one will serve my cgi scripts. I am running slackware
2.0. Every time I try to acces a script with an Action html form
I get the typical "ERROR: Requested document (URL
could not be accessed.
The information server either is not accessible or is
refusing to serve the document to you."

So, I try everything I know and follow the linux journal
step by step and other books, I even installed the NCSA
www server, just in case it was the CERN server the one
not working but I got the same result. The rest of the
functionality of the server is there (works OK) but I
can not run any cgi scripts. This scripts work in
other systems.

So, I am open to ideas and any help anyone can give me.



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I have never used perl before, but I have to write a script for a WWW
server in perl. I was wondering if anyone could give me some
information, or where to get it, about how to use perl to get the
information from a WWW client, and then to respond with some of the
information back to the client.

If somebody out there has a script that will give me an example of
this I would be very grateful.

Here's what I want to do:-

I have a form with 5 keys. I want the server to append all five fields
to the end of a file, and also return four of the keys back to the
client (for confirmation).

Thanks in advance,



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