X on laptop with external monitor

X on laptop with external monitor

Post by David C. Lutterko » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

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I am trying to setup X on my Dell Inspiron 3200 to use an external
monitor. I have it all working, except that I only get a sucky 60Hz refresh
rate. The monitor (NEC MultiSync XV17+) is capable of more, and the chipset
(NeoMagic) too - Windows gets 75Hz.

I am trying to add the perfect Modeline to my XF86Config so that I get
1024x768 at 75Hz. Does anybody have the right setup for that ? I've looked
all over the web, but haven't found anything ... here's some of the configs
I tried:

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "Generic Multisync"
    VendorName  "Unknown"
    ModelName   "Unknown"
    HorizSync    31-82
    VertRefresh  55-100

Modeline "1024x768"    65    1024 1032 1176 1344   768  771  777  806
                    -hsync -vsync
# This modeline produces 75 Hz, but uses only a tiny bit of the screen

#Modeline "1024x768"    85    1024 1032 1152 1360   768  784  787  823
                    +hsync +vsync

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:   I have Linux running on my Compudyne 486/33 (4DX/33) Laptop
: computer. It has a port to connect an external SVGA monitor to
: that I would like to make use of. The only question is how to
: it. There is no entry in the BIOS setup menus that allow me to
: choose the external monitor versus the LCD display. The instruction
: manual / users guide that comes with it is basically useless in that
: they say "use the DOS utility VGACONF.EXE to select LCD, CRT, or
: BOTH..." Unfortunately, it does not keep the setting through a cold or
: warm boot cycle, and when I run Linux, it will only display on the LCD.

: If its any help the VGA BIOS says "Cirrus Logic CL-GD6410 version 2.03"

: Suggestions?

My laptop with this Cirrus Logic chipset uses an external command to switch

the video output from LCD to external. If I remember correctly the name was
Don't know how to handle this under Linux.
If you can program it yourself you should take a look at Ralf Brown's Interrupt
list, which contains some info about it.


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