EIDE Troubles (HD is being consumed!)

EIDE Troubles (HD is being consumed!)

Post by Ted Helt » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Greetings all!

        Here's my problem: It seems that my hard drive is being consumed by I
don't know what. Every time I reboot I look at the drive capacity with df and
each time I loose about 5-10 meg HD space. I've tried running fsck and I
looked at the fdisk info for /dev/hda, at first I thought there was a problem
with the native and swap partitions overlapping (primarily because fdisk said
so), so I deleted the swap partition, that didn't work. Here's my hardware

P5-100-S with 32 MB Ram
ASUS P/I-P55TP4XE Motherboard
MR BIOS rev 3.26
Maxtor 1.2 GB HD (/dev/hda)             (master primary IDE)
Maxtor 240 MB HD (DOS filesystem)       (slave primary IDE)
Maxtor 540 MB HD (NTFS)                 (master secondary IDE)
TEAC CD-56E CDROM                       (slave secondary IDE)

The MR BIOS allows me to designate any of the drives (except the CDROM) as C:
or /dev/hda without rewriting the MBR every time I need to change between

I installed 1.2.13(ELF) on the 1.2 GB Maxtor about 2 months ago, at the time I
added this to the lilo.conf file and ran lilo:


I recompiled the kernel about two weeks ago to get rid of some unwanted
drivers and add sound and net support. About a week ago I noticed my drive
capacity climbing steadily. Right now it's at about 80% capacity and I've only
installed about 300-350 MB (Linux, X, and apps included).

I tried running fsck and e2fsck and I keep getting the same error stating that
the superblock is corrupt. When I ran "e2fsck -b 8192" It still bombs out with
the same error message.

As you have probably noticed I'm also running NT 3.5 on the 540 HD and DOS on
the 240 HD. Could the NT be messing with the /dev/hda master boot record?

Well I feel as though I'm at my ropes end, if anyone can give me a clue as to
what I should do (short of reinstalling) I will be very appreciative!

Many Thanks!



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I admire your passion, Chris..

The only issues which have kept myself from looking seriously at Linux
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