Blank screen when installing Debian on a Micron laptop

Blank screen when installing Debian on a Micron laptop

Post by McChesn » Tue, 04 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I suspect that this may have already been answered but there are to many
messages for me to wade through to try and find it.  Anyway, I have a
MIcron Transport laptop and am trying to install Debian.  Upon inserting
and booting off the Linux install bot disk I just get a blank screen - the
computer appears to be running fine I just get no video.  Any help is
greatly appreciated, but please e-mail me as I may miss a post.

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1. Trying to Install InfoMagic v3.0 on micron laptop and micron server - pci error on both???

i am trying to install and when i boot from the boot/root disk it
generates a quick fatal error about the pci bus, the scrren goes black
and the party is over...

any ideas??? i can't seem to catch the error to really see what is
wrong. i have tried about all of the boot/root disk setup combos. both
machines do the same thing.

Thanks for any guidance

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