NEC CDR-74 w/ SB-SCSI2 problem

NEC CDR-74 w/ SB-SCSI2 problem

Post by Harold Ste » Sun, 21 May 1995 04:00:00

I hope someone can help me with this one....  I have a SB SCSI-2 w/ a NEC
CDR-74 hooked up to it.   I am attempting to install Linux onto my
computer from CD-ROM.  The problem I am having is that the Linux boot
disk (scsinet1.gz from sunsite, bootdsks.144) will load the scsi card
when I put "mount aha152x=0x340,11,7,1" at the 1st prompt (to add extra
things to the kernel).  After that, It does see the card, but the CD-ROM
doesn't seem to be acnoledged....

I can start setup and get to where I select input device and select my
CD.  It will NOT detect it and gives me the option to mount it again,
abort, or ignore the error.  

Thanks for all help!!!!!

Harold S.




NEC CDR-74 w/ SB-SCSI2 problem

Post by Harold Ste » Mon, 22 May 1995 04:00:00

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was able to get Linux running on

SB-SCSI2 and NEC CDR-74 online.  

To mount the SCSI, use the following line when 1st booting -

mount aha152x=0x340,11,7,1

Also, I had to use the "loaded.gz" setup for disk one.  I located a copy
over at  /unix/linux/distribuitions/slackware/bootdsks.144




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