Help with Video Mode Line please?

Help with Video Mode Line please?

Post by Jay » Fri, 10 Jul 1998 04:00:00


    I have to configure my own Modeline in XF86Config due to the fact
that my monitor is not supported.    So far I've got

Modeline "1024x768"    78.75   1024  1133   1202  1291   768  783  814
+hsync +vsync

The monitor maunfacture was able to provide to following information
Dot Clock: 78.75 (for 1024x768)
Vertical Refresh Rate: ~75Hz (for all  monitors, no specifics for my
model yet)
HorizSync:    30-61
VertRefresh:    50-90

Other than the Dot Clock and resolution, the rest of the parameters in
the Modeline I figured out (thanks to "Modeline-HOWTO" by Rick Niles)
using the max horizontal sync rate of 61.  However I'm still getting a
vicious alignment problem  with stuff bleeding off the left of the
monitor, even with the hardwar controls cranked all the way over.  I've
tried running xvidtune from an xterm while running X but all I get is

Num hsync: 1, Num vsync 1:
hsync range 0:    30.00 -    61.00
vsync range 0:     50.00 -    90.00

and then it hangs....

Anyone have any pointers on how to adjust my Modeline or another tool to
do the job?  I'm using RedHat 4.2 with the GLINT X-Server drivers from
SuSE (for my Permedia 2 chipset)

Thank you,

Jay O'Connor