Modem Speed - Windows 98 vs. Linux

Modem Speed - Windows 98 vs. Linux

Post by Binary Bo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a 3Com 56K v90 PCI modem. Under Windows 98 I can usually get a
connection speed of 49,333kps, but using Redhat 6.1 Kppp under KDE, the
highest connection speed I can get is 37,333.

Is there any way to increase the connection speed under Linux?



Modem Speed - Windows 98 vs. Linux

Post by Chad Whitte » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

In the settings for your connection in kppp, change the modem speed to be

Chad Whitten

Raymond High School


1. Windows {NT,98} vs. Linux

It seems like people in this newsgroup swing to either extreme:
either you love Windows, and hate Linux severely, or vice versa.
Doesn't anyone have any middle ground here?  The reason I'm
asking is, the computer HW itself is the most important component
of a computer system, and the OS is the second most important.
Which is why I can't understand all these flame wars.

Surely, you don't expect everyone to like Linux, do you?  For
example, I run Linux, but I don't like it as much as FreeBSD.  I
also use Windows 98 as my "anchor" OS.  By "anchor" OS, I mean I
use it to download FreeBSD and Linux.  Also, it's easier to get
DHCP working in Windblows first, so I can use Win98 to
troubleshoot my FreeBSD (or Linux) installations.

I think diversity is good.  It would be boring if everyone liked
the same thing.  Of course, I'm not saying one is better than the
other.  Also, I think Windows NT is good for Linux and FreeBSD,
because it gives them a little competition.  Like, NT may do
something better than UNIX, so the UNIX people have something to
aim to be better at.

One thing that strikes me about Windows 98 is, software is more
thoroughly tested on Win98 than UNIX.  Chris McAfee, a netscape
developer, said the Netscape developers were suffering from
burnout trying to support all of those platforms it runs on.
That's why you'll find Netscape typically runs better on one OS
than on the others.  Like, I can't even enter a POP3 password in
the FreeBSD version without it crashing.  But yet, the Linux and
Windows versions don't do this.

Windows uses the FAT file system, which tends to scatter files
all over the HD.  This causes excessive head movement, which
could cause wear and tear on the HD.

Another thing Win98 is good for:  say you have a thunderstorm
coming.  I usually run Win98 in this case, because in case the
power goes off, if I corrupt my Win98 partition it's no big
deal.  It's better to have my Win98 partition corrupted than my
good FreeBSD or Linux installations wiped out.  So, Win98 can
serve as a sort of "cyber toilet paper" to shit on.  (If anything
bad happens to a software installation, better to have it happen
to Windows than to my good UNIX installations).

  "The only thing Windows is good for is downloading FreeBSD and
  --Donn M. Miller

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