problem installing Yggdrasil Fall 1995 B with Quantum 4.3 GB SCSI disk

problem installing Yggdrasil Fall 1995 B with Quantum 4.3 GB SCSI disk

Post by Chris Peti » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00




>I'm trying to boot Yggdrasil's Fall 1995 version B floppy and CD-ROM
>a Gateway 486DX2/66V with 2 IDE drives and a just-added Adaptec 2842
>Quantum XP34301 (4.3 GB) SCSI drive.  The AHA2842 is at SCSI id 7, the
>drive is at SCSI id 0.  The IDE drives and the AHA2842 are
>detected, but it doesn't seem to find the SCSI drive and hangs:

    I had SERIOUS problems with that very same package.  I recommend
you get the Slackware distribution.  It works VERY well.  Installed it
after downloading the ENTIRE 100 MB off the 'net.  Then tinkered with
the XF86Config file, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY.

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I also

I also, but diferent ones.

After doing a run-time installation I want selectively install some components.
When using the X11 install component screen, I select what I want.
When I press the install button, the system starts installing electric fence (not selected by me)
It takes a very long time, and at the end nothing is installed !
When using the command 'install_component' all goes well until a not to determine moment when
the complete file system is corrupt. (at several installations on different components)
It cannot find /bin/ls etc.
Using fsck after rebooting the install floppy cannot fix the problem(s).
And I can start all over again.
Using install_path, and manually restoring symbolic links, I can finally install components.

The same system worked without problems with the fall 93 release and the fall 94
release (after reading the errata)

George de Fockert

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