PPP, no connectivity options

PPP, no connectivity options

Post by KYIM » Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:00:00

An idea for those without connectivity trying to get the stuff they need
to get connected... Grab an account from either a BBS or a provider like
Concentric (http://www.concentric.net) then just use minicom to dial up.
If you fail to send the right stuff to get PPP from Concentric you go
right into a BBS type thing where you can ftp, read news, surf the web
with lynx, etc.    

Don't respond to the account I'm posting from though, it's borrowed...: )


Todd Troutman


1. CHALLENGE: partial internet connectivity under linux where as win98 gives full connectivity on same machine

i access internet using lan(via cable net). i have windows 98 and
linux red hat 7.3 installed. While i can surf any website and use
yahoo messenger in windows 98, i cannot surf most of the sites in
linux and cannot use yahoo messenger. Only some sites like google.com
can be accessed by both linux and windows.I can get my mails using
email client in both linux and windows properly.

On analying TCP Dumps , i figured out that my machine sends TCP Reset
often..in linux while in windows it sends it rarely . In general
internet connection under  window is good while under linux is

To download these tcpdumps pls visit
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BNPGs/files/   and dont forget to read
the "readme_first.html"

What to do so that i get same internet connectivity in linux as i get
in windows?

Before suggestion solutions, pls have a look at the number of
solutions already proposed by many networking experts and still the
problem remains. So its a challenge for the real expert.

Pls send a CC of your response to

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