RH 6.1 & Internet dialup question

RH 6.1 & Internet dialup question

Post by Stefan H?gdah » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I've got a strange Internet dialup problem with RH6.1.

The thing is, when selecting from the Gnome System menu:
Internet -> RH PPP Dialer
it dials one time, and then hang up. Redials and then a
connection is established.

However, if I start the program Dialup Configuration Tool
and select my Internet dialup connection, and then press
Debug it dials only once. It gets a connection on the first

Does anyone know of a solution for this problem? I'd really
appreciate any feedback on this subject.

Stefan H?gdahl, FINLAND


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I have just installed RH 6.1 and am trying to configure the modem to
dial out to my ISP. It dials fine, makes the connection and then
immediately drops the connection with the message: "remote system
required to authenticate itself but I couldn't find any secret
(password) which would let it use an IP address." I have already
hooked up the small two machine network and its working fine. Any
ideas would be greatly appreciated. Have I messed up something with
the networking that its looking for something there for the dialup?
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Dan Kosko

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