starting x windows

starting x windows

Post by Prasanth Kuma » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

> I have just installed redhat 6.2. I am having trouble figuring out how to
> boot to x windows. where can I find information regarding this?

If you have already configured X Windows, then run "startx" at the

If you want to directly boot into X Windows, then edit the file
and change the line "id:3:initdefault" to have a 5 instead of 3. But for
technique, I suggest to verify with startx first that X windows works
before making the changes.

Prasanth Kumar


1. Starting X Windows on start up

I've just installed Red Hat 6.0 on an old Pentium 60 machine
that we had around.

After the initial install it was running X Windows at start up, with
a graphic login prompt (I think it's called xdm).

I mistakenly made some changes to the run level, and it's now
starting at the blank command prompt again.

I tried resetting the run level to 5, and editing the /etc/inittab to
reflect id:5:initdefault:

That didn't do it.

What else can I do to get xdm to run at boot time?

Thanks in advance

Scott Smith

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