Linux + NT/DOS

Linux + NT/DOS

Post by Jason Li » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

I've got DOS and NT 3.51 on my system right now. My hard drive, a 4.3GB
Micropolis SCSI-2, was partitioned as follows:

Primary partition: 500MB (DOS)
Extended partition: 2000MB
Logical drives: 500(DOS), 500(NT), 500(NT), 500(NT)

leaving 1.5 gigs open for Linux. I used Linux's fdisk to create a Linux
native primary partition. However, after completing this, DOS fdisk failed
to run at all, making the hard drive access non-stop and crashing the
system. NT's Disk Administrator seemed to scramble up the partition info.
*All* my other utilities such as Norton-DOS recognized the partition table
correctly, as did Linux's fdisk. So the only "non-working" disk utils
were NT Disk Admin. and DOS fdisk.  Does NT have some sort of problem
recognizing more than one primary partition? What could have caused this
problem, and how can I avoid it in the future? Linux should not have even
touched the existing partitions on my system.