Help with setting up HP Deskjet printer

Help with setting up HP Deskjet printer

Post by Shuguang Li » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hello, all. I have been trying to set up linux on my 486 pc to work with
my HP deskjet 850C printer. The printing howto tells me that HP Deskjet
printers requir both carriage return and linefeed to start a new
line--direct use of normal setting would lead to staircase printout. I
have tried the 2 filter script listed in howto, but failed to get rid of
that staircase effect (I created a /usr/lib/lpf file including this
script and put ":if=/usr/lib/lpf" at the end of the printcap file). Can
anybody help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.

Shuguang Liu


1. setting up HP deskjet printer

I am having problems with HP Deskjet printer (697c)
It gives me the "staircase effect" described in the handbook but when I
tried to use printing filter for HP Laserjets provided in the handbook
(and in the Complete FreeBSD also) it doesn't do anything (that is
printer doesn't print). So I guess escape codes for deskjets are
different but they are not documented in the manual, so I wonder if
somebody could share their filter for HP Deskjet with me...
thanks in advance

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