Newbie: problem installing RH4 or RH5.1

Newbie: problem installing RH4 or RH5.1

Post by Steve Garc » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to build a test machine for multiple OSes.  The plan is to put
BeOS, OS/2 and Linux on it, and most of the hardware choices have been
dictated by Be's limitations.

The machine has an Asus TX motherboard, AMD K6-233, 64M SDRAM, IBM 6.3G IDE
drive, and an old NEC 4x4 IDE CDROM.

I started with OS/2, since I'm most familiar with it, and it installed easily.
 I used Be's special edition Partition Magic to create a Be partition, only to
discover that the NEC CDROM won't work with Be, so I put Be on hold to focus
on Linux.  

I had an old copy of RedHat 4.0 that I had picked up at a computer show a year
or so ago, and tried to install it.  Taking the advice in the manual, I
created the partitions using OS/2's fdisk, and then used the Linux fdisk to
toggle them to Linux format.

Partitioning was as follows.  I'm using LBA, so cylinder count shouldn't be an
Boot Mgr -- pri
Be  -- pri  850M
C:FAT -- pri (empty) 250M
D: HPFS  OS/2 Boot 400M
E: HPFS  OS/2 Maint 100M
F: HPFS  OS/2 Apps  1000M
/  Linux  100M
    LinuxSwap   120M
/usr Linux  500M
/home  Linux  400M
/usr/local Linux 500M
/usr/src  Linux 500M
and some amount of free space.

The install went smoothly (I opted to install everything under the sun), up
until I got to the LILO installation.  It asked me where to install LILO, and
I told it to place it on the root partition.  It said "An error occured.  Try
again?"  So I tried to put it on the MBR.  Same thing.  I didn't try creating
a floppy, which I maybe should have.

OK, big disk, yada yada.  I ordered RH5.1, figuring some of those kinds of
issues should have been solved by now.  5.1 got to the point where it offered
me the choice of Disk Druid or fdisk.  I chose Disk Druid, and it told me "Not
enough resources."  Huh?  So I tried fdisk.  "Not enough resources."  Huh!

My OS/2 install was a bare install, and Be wasn't even that far along, so I
didn't having anything to lose by blowing it all away and starting over.  I
used Partition Magic to blow away all the partitions and rebuild them (the
future Linux partitions as FAT, unformatted), with a few changes.  I put a 15M
/boot partition at the beginning of the extended partition to lessenn the
chance of a cylinder count problem, and made the C:FAT partiton 1G.  I
restarted the 5.1 install, and this time Disk Druid let me in.  Unfortunately,
if you want to to change partition type, you need fdisk, so I had to switch
over.  No problem.  Worked great.

Selected "Install everything."  In the process of installing packages, I got
an "Abnormal exit from install" and the screen freaked out.  Tried a couple of
times, same result.  Had to start from scratch each time -- all my mount
points had gone away.

So I finally stopped trying to install "the works" and just went with the
default install.  This time everthing went smoothly until ...  during the LILO
install, it said "An error occured."

So now what?


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Keith Reeves

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