What is floppy boot error 0x10?

What is floppy boot error 0x10?

Post by Glenn Toe » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am in the process of installing a newer version of Linux (Slackware
release 2.2, kernal release 1.2.5 I think) and made a new bare boot
disk. When I try to boot I get error 0x10 while it is loading
ramdisk. I am going to try creating another boot floppy on another new
diskette tonight but I am not convinced that the boot disk itself is
the problem. What is error 0x10?

Glenn Toews in Beautiful Friendly Fridley, Minnesota


1. Original boot floppy: error 0x10

I just got the 1.2 meg "bare" file for Slackware 2.2.0.  I used
rawrite to build a 5 1/4 inch floppy boot disk.  After I get the boot:
prompt, I press enter, and after accessing the diskette a moment, it
comes back and says: Error 0x10, then prompts me with: Boot: ramdisk.

I get the same error with the other two images on the disk.  One is
mount, (the command I tried is: mount root=/dev/fd0).

I'm running on a 386 with 8 meg.  I got the boot image file as well as
the gzip and rawrite utilities from tsx-11.mit.edu.


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