Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 to install from WIN2000

Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 to install from WIN2000

Post by KN VISHWANAT » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Can any one please help me with how to install caldera OpenLinux2.3 on my
Laptop P2 6,4 GB{ W98 on C drive and W2k on E drive?
Million thanks in advance.

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1. Newbie: Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 won't install

I sent this to Caldera's tech support a couple days ago, no
answer yet, so I thought I'd try the Linux newsgroups.  I'm
continuing to read and learn, but am impatient for "hands-on"
with my new toy.

I couldn't install it from my CD-ROM, so I copied the entire
"Linux Kernel and installation" CD to a spare FAT16 hard drive
partition, using Windows 95 Explorer.  Note: All partitions are
below cylinder 1023.

The Lizard graphical installer won't run (locks at CD-ROM, or if
I specify "er=cautious" at startup, it doesn't lock but does fail
and has me do a hwinfo dump).

However, the Lisa text-mode-graphics installer seems OK, it goes
through the initial steps and seems to prepare my swap partition

When I tell Lisa the partition with the install CD contents, it
finds it.  (I know because I had the wrong CD copied there
originally and it failed; now it gets past that point).

But then, the text-mode dialogs switch into a weird mode -
instead of showing proper text, they show a text tag that looks
like a key into a message lookup system.  E.g. the first one
shows in the dialog title as ":CHOOSE_PARTITION_ROOT_TITLE:".

I could figure out what the dialogs meant from the tag text, so I
kept going.  It prepared the Linux partition apparently OK, asked
me which set of packages to install (I chose the full set), then
began to install.  But it quickly failed, saying:

   The following error has occurred
   File not found

This doesn't make sense.  On the FAT16 partition, the file
mentioned is definitely there, looking at it with Windows
Explorer, e.g. the file H:\col\install\RPMS\DEV-3.4-1.i386.rpm
exists.  Linux is apparently assigning /mnt to that partition to
mount it for installing, so it looks like the path is OK.

What can I do at this point to install it?

I had read about the default consoles, and tried Alt-Function
keys to see if it might tell me anything.

The Alt-F8 console shows some debug messages, one says it's doing
Do_Find_File_To_Pkg, then two Do_Lookup_Trans_Tbl statements to
try and find trans.tbl in the RPMS directory, the last of which
fails and triggers the dialog.

Back in Windows, I looked at the disk - there is no trans.tbl
file in the RPMS directory or anywhere else.

Also, the Alt-F6 console shows some other information; the last
line says "Unable to load NLS charset cp437(nls_cp437)".

Any ideas?

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