Help reqd: Linux dies during boot sequence

Help reqd: Linux dies during boot sequence

Post by Oliver Duke-Willia » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I'd greatly appreciate any help with the following problem: When I try
to boot linux it gets to the partition check, spots the partitions
correctly, and then (presumably as it attempts to mount the root
partition), crashes. The screen is filled with seemingly random text,with
multicoloured background and foreground. After a few seconds the machine
attempts to reboot.

If I boot from a floppy, then I can mount my root partition manually,
and e2fsck doesn't report any problems with it.

A few supporting details - I'm booting using loadlin, with an ELF kernel
1.2.13 (the same versions of the kernel and loadlin that I've been using
for ages without any problems. Both of them originally from slackware
3.0). Up until the partition check the kernel seems fine, and DOS'
scandisk doesn't find any problems with my DOS partition, so I don't
think that there is any problem with by kernel image (?).

During the boot procedure, the last msg displayed is:

Partition check:
  hda: multiple mode turned off
  hda: hda1 hda2 hda3

... and then it crashes as described above.

[I think the last line is correct, there was bound to be something I
forgot to write down wasn't there? :-). The partitions are DOS/Linux
swap/Linux, anyway]

The last msg recorded in /var/adm/messages, is:

groucho kernel: *** tcp.c:tcp_data bug acked < copied

I don't know whether or not this is at all relevant, but I thought that
I had better mention it as it's not a message I can remember seeing before.

Again, many thanks to anyone who can offer some suggestions as to how I
can recover the ability to boot from my hard disk.



1. HELP- Crash During Boot Sequence

I have been working on trying to get my Linux box ro run as a PPP
server using a modem.  While I was working with this (making changes
to the /etc/inittab and setserial and such)... the monitor went blank
and the machine pretty much stopped.

After rebooting now... it starts the bootup process and right when
it gets to the point where is does 'Enabling swap space' the monitor
goes blank (and into power save mode.. like I unplugged it) and the
machine just stops.

I used a redhat4.2 rescue disk and mounted the system SCSI drive.
I can see the drive just fine... I removed all changed I did to
the /etc/inittab, /etc/gettydefs and removed all /etc/conf.uugetty.ttyS*
files.. thinking maybe I hosed something up with the serial ports.

That didnt help... so I tried using 'dmesg' on the disk to see what
had happened.. it sees the scsi adapter, detects both scsi drives as
sda and sdb.. and thats it.

While watching it closely the last thing it does is set the clock.. then
as soon as it tries enabling swap space.. the monitor blanks and
the machine stops.

Is there a problem with my swap partition?  I tried deleting it and
recreating it with fdisk.. no help.  I need some real help here.. I
am totally dead in the water right now.


- Brent


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