HELP - - - Secondary IDE jumper settings

HELP - - - Secondary IDE jumper settings

Post by Wilson Fletche » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have an IDE controller (multi io) card I want to use as a secondary

I need to set it's IRQ to 15 and Port address to 170h - 177h

The problem is I don't know what the jumper settings are. Can anyone help ?

The card has UMC controller chips on it, it has parallel, serial, game,
FDD, and HDD connections.

The jumpers that it has are:

        j1        ..
        j2        ..
        jp1      xx.
        jp2      xx.
        jp3      xx.
        jp4      xx.
        jp5      xx.
        jp6      xx.
        jp7      xx.
        jp8      xx.
        jp9      xx.
        jp10     xx.

NB xx indicates current jumpers and "." represents and empty pin.

If anyone can help that would be fantastic




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Thanks in advance for your input.



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