Adaptec 2840 Card

Adaptec 2840 Card

Post by Richar » Wed, 26 Mar 1997 04:00:00

 I would like to install linux on my 486/100. It has an Adaptec 2840
local bus scsi card. When I try booting it using debian 1.2.8 boot disk
it doesn't seem able to reset the card. Then it gives me Spurious
Interupt and kernel panic and thats about it. I have tried the card with
various settings and termination is correct. I have been using it for
dos/windows for the last couple years with no troubles.

Any help would be great,


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I have an Adaptec 2840A SCSI card with the bios installing to 1C00h memory address, irq
11, for some reason the scsi boot disk I am using gets hung up when it tries to autodetect
my scsi card.  before it freezes it does tell me that the bios is not loaded and that this
is required.  how do i tell it where my scsi card is located.  I did read the latest scsi
how to faq, but there is little said about problems with my card.  please e-mail me with
any suggestions.  thank you

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