NEW: qi-unix -- quick info unix/linux

NEW: qi-unix -- quick info unix/linux

Post by gugu » Fri, 31 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hello all!

Perhaps someone is interested in qi-unix:



    w w w 2 . a c t i v e . c h /~ m u s t u n


1. Quick question about Unix (I'm thinking of getting a unix type OS)

My main concern is, A loooong time ago, I tried to install Linux and
ran into a ton of problems, this was on a 486 computer.  Now, I
imagine, things have chenged somewhat, but my main fear now is will I
still be able to keep Win 98 on my pentium? Is this a complicated
issue?  I'm willing to buy a program that allows ya to select an OS to
bootup with, I remember seeing something that claimed that in
Electronics Boutique a while ago.

Also, if it matters, I will probably purchase Solaris. I may do a 'lil
research on Linux too to see if thats as good.

Thanx for any info

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