thinkpad a30 boot on disk2 fails

thinkpad a30 boot on disk2 fails

Post by MujeebRC » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:40:37

Hi all,

I have a thinkpad a30 with the following specs:
P3/1G;128MEG RAM,CD-RW/DVD,2 internal harddrives.
The 2nd harddrive is off an ultrabay , so is the cd-rw.
I am installing linux on 2nd drive as follows:
1st drive : hda : 30gig
2nd drive: hdb :15gig.
/ partition size 1500megs.
I am trying to install to the second harddrive:hdb.
The install goes fine , bootloader apparently gets installed to /dev/hdb1.
I only have 2 partitions on the 2nd harddrive.: / and swap.
/ is bootable via fdisk.

However no matter I use lilo or grub ..the machine gets hung at lilo or
At installation everything gets recognized , the cd as well as the drive.
Have tried several times with no luck.




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I would like to achieve the following:
1. I have two hard drives (EIDE): C and D
2. On C I have WinNT4SP6a
3. On D I want to put RH 7.1
4. I want my PC to boot automatically on NT (no lilo, nothing;
basically I do not want drive C to be "touched")
5. Iff I wish, then using a floppy I will boot onto D and Linux
6. Linux and NT will share nothing

Is this possible and how? I was thinking of disconnecting C: while
on D: and then following FAQ to boot from floppy on hard disk.

Kind regards,
Petros Dafniotis, PhD

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