modem problems continuted

modem problems continuted

Post by Al Dykshor » Thu, 16 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Ok so far i have tried minicom and netcfg and i cant get
either to make my modem dial. Minicom just goes through all
10 attempts then quits, netcfg just says it's activated but
never dials. I'm not even sure that linux is recongnizing
cua1 (COM2 right? ihopeso). This is the first time i've ever
installed Linux and im having a hell of a time configuring
hardware, i got the mouse and monitor to work for Xwindows
(still having virtual screen problems), anyway it's probably
something real stupid (again im new to this configuring
hardware part of unix). In case you wanted to know i've got
a Compaq Presario 166Mhz running Win95 on one partition and
Linux on another.  Win95's device manager labels my modem as
"Compaq Presario 336-VSC Modem" if that helps. Anyway thanks
for any help!



1. Odd Modem Problem (Modem not responding) (Not a WinModem!)

I've been around Linux off and on since kernel .99.15o, so believe me
when I say that this is _not_ a WinModem problem. :)

I just installed Debian "potato".  Clean install, and few problems,
but I can not make this box talk to my modems.   When I start minicom,
everything I type gets echoed back, but the modem doesn't respond
(other than to echo back what I type).  The echoing is odd-- it
only echoes the carriage return when I hit <enter>; I can manually
type a new line, but that doesn't help.   The modem doesn't act
on anything I type; e.g. typing "atdt33333" doesn't make any noise
(and should; at least the external modem I'm _sure_ is set to
make noise, since it does when hooked up to another machine, and that's
the factory default).

Just so you know I'm not crazy:
        It's not an interrupt problem.  The same thing happens with an
        external and an internal problem, and with seterial /dev/ttyS2 irq 0
        Moreover, I'm setting the interrupt by jumper.

        It's not a setserial problem.  If minicom isn't talking to the
        right port, then nothing gets echoed back.  Only when it's talking
        to the right port do I even see the echoing.

        I did get the external modem to talk back, by telling  it to ignore
        DTR.  However, that caused other problems (most notably, my ppp
        connection getting garbage that caused it to hang up; my ISP is
        a bit draconian :)

        statserial shows DTR always 1, DCD always 0.  I can give more info
        if necessary.

        The modems are a Gateway Telepath ISA (w/ jumpers :) and a USR 28.8
        Fax/Modem.  The box is a gateway P5-120 that I got for $25.  

Any ideas?  I'm open to suggestions...

Thanks in advance,

Disclaimer:  Anything I said, writ, or thought in my life should not
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people who choose to associate with me.

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