redhat 7.2 nfs server - I'm confused

redhat 7.2 nfs server - I'm confused

Post by Dou » Fri, 17 May 2002 05:07:59


I'm attempting to setup a redhat 7.2 box as an nfs server.  I've
followed various HOW-TO guides and am able to mount the exported
filesystem from my other machines (solaris and HP).  At that point,
the clients can see the subdirectories on my linux machine (Sounds
good so far).

For testing purposes, I did the following on my server
 "touch a b c d e"
As expected, on either of my client machines, I do my "ls" and I see
all the files.

However, here's when things get goofy.
On my server machine I do:
  "mkdir jj kk ll mm"

At this point, both clients produce the same result when I do my "ls"
- They Hang.  Eventually I get the "...not responding still trying"
message.  Since, both clients act the same way, I'm thinking this is
something that is messed up on the server.  I checked and rechecked
the steps those few trivial steps that were required to set up the
server and didn't see anything out of whack.  The server is pretty
much a default setup from dell except ipchains is off.

Anybody else encountered anything like this one?  Any advice is



1. I'm confused with ipchains/iptables on Redhat 7.2

I have the server RH installed kernel version 2.4.7-10.
It appears to be using ipchains because when I do a lsmod ipchains appears in
the list.  But I thought iptables was the default for RH 7.2.

I'm using pmfirewall to configure the it and it allows the web and chat traffic
thru so I'm happy with it.
BUT now I want to do some port forwarding and am not having any success.
I need to forward port 2047 and 8888 one of my internal machines but I'm lost.

So if someone could tell me which direction  to go with this I'll follow up with
more specifics.


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