UDB and Real Time Clock

UDB and Real Time Clock

Post by Eric K. Won » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

For some strange reason, my Linux kernel grabs the real time off the
bios incorrectly.  I'm running the latest 2.0.x kernels to date, but the
problem is compounded by 'clock' getting the wrong time as well.  The
arc console shows the proper time, but clock grabs some weird time, and
the kernel grabs yet another time.  This is very bewildering and any
help on this issue would be appreciated.  I tried writing the 'linux'
time with 'clock -w' but the kernel still reads it differently, and my
arc console is messed up to the point of complaining every boot.

Please forward any replies via email as well as posting... thanks

Eric Wong


1. udb, hardware clock and 'clock -w'


we use ntp to synchronize an udb's clock with a time server. after
using clock -w, the system won't boot again without having the
hardware clock set upon startup. maybe someone else has noticed this
behaviour ?


ps. does anyone know where i can find the source code for 'clock' ?  

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