Belkin 525VA regulator pro

Belkin 525VA regulator pro

Post by Scot » Wed, 09 May 2001 08:54:14

Anyone know the protocol to this UPS?

I tried a package called 'nut' but it's couldn't talk to
my UPS.

My WIN NT box running belkins software works fine, so I know
the protocol is there.

And I have fun making the WIN NT box and Linux minicom send
characters back and forth.  So I know /dev/ttyS0 is working.

That pretty much means hacking the protocol.  Unless
someone knows what it is.


-Scott Weber


1. FreeBSD 3.x & 4.x and Belkin Regulator Pro Gold UPS


I just acquired a Belkin Regulator Pro Gold (serial/425Kv) UPS and it
comes with drivers for FreeBSD (the readme states tested for 2.2.8) Does
anybody have any experience with these units and more recent FreeBSD
versions like 3.x and 4.x? Or am I better of using the 'net' port for
controlling this unit? I like to have my gateway/server system hookd up
to this UPS and have the software shut it down when the battery in the
UPS gets low.

Any input greatly appreciated.

 /_/             Creator/Maintainer
/aul       "A Daemon's Guide To FreeBSD"

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